As you know SplitCam offers webcam effects. In this post we described one group of our effects – SplitCam objects effects. You can see these effects on Objects tab of Effects window.

SplitCam Objects Effects

At the moment object effects in SplitCam are divided into 4 subcategories

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As you know SplitCam offers webcam effects. In this post we described first group of our effects – SplitCam filters effects. These effects are listed in Effects window on Filters tab.

SplitCam Filters Effects

First filter is Flip Vertical. This filter is very useful when your webcam driver shows image wrong way up (some laptop webcam drivers have this bug). Also of course you can use this effect for fun or other purposes.

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SplitCam slow work may be caused by lack of system recourses (like CPU and RAM) and by activity of other applications. If during work with SplitCam it slows you can decrease your system resources usage by following next recommendations:

1. Set minimal acceptable video resolution. For this go to Options window and select needed resolution from the list.

SplitCam Resolutions

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If you want to stream your webcam video in high resolution SplitCam can help you with this! For this please open options window in SplitCam and select needed resolution:

SplitCam Resolutions and HD

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SplitCam is available for download.


New features and improvements:

1. Different video resolutions (including HD): go to Options and select needed resolution. In one of the next posts we’ll describe work with this feature.

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