If you need send only part of your webcam video then SplitCam Zoom feature for you. For understanding how SplitCam Zoom feature works please follow next instructions.

1. Run SplitCam

SplitCam Main Window

2. Click in video area to activate Zoom feature.

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After SplitCam 5 release we received many questions about the SplitCamera.com text over video that is marked on the image bellow.

SplitCam Logo Over Video

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SplitCam Windows 7 Vista

With release of SplitCam 5 we fixed our main problems with Windows 7, Vista and x64 operating systems compatibility. However there are still many people that ask about SplitCam with Win7 and x64 in search engines, on forums, via our support e-mail or in some other way…

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1. Download and install Yahoo! Messenger.

2. Run SplitCam.

Run SplitCam

3. Open Yahoo messenger and Login into your account.

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