Hi SplitCam users, we are glad to inform that new version of our favorite free webcam software is available now by link http://www.splitcamera.com/SplitCamSetup.exe

We are trying to keep our software stable and compatible with newly appearing and updating Operating Systems and technologies.

So what’s new in this version:

– More stability of the program

– Live broadcasting in one-click (JustinTV, LiveStream, Ustream)

– New updated driver (now you should not have problems with any video, especially  HD. No problems with Skype, Yahoo, online live-streaming etc.)

– Audio support

– Audio effects (Can be applied to sound from video file, audio file, microphone)

– New open CV library

– New skin, new interface. Improved usability

– Win 8 support. Improved work with Windows XP, 7, Vista

– New languages added (Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek)

– New bright video effects

– IP cameras as video-source

Don’t hesitate, download and try new version free right now! Download here http://www.splitcamera.com/download.html



Hello all SplitCam users!
Today we made new SplitCam beta and ask you to test it. You can download it here

All your impressions, advises, bugs and comments please write in this topic

Version (24.12.12.)

· Direct Live streaming to JustinTV from SplitCam added (Broadcasting)

· New webcam effects (filters)added (Concave, Protuberant, Swirl)

· Audio effects and audio mixer added. Now you can use different audio effects and create your own in audio mixer. Watch here

· Audio playlist added. You can create playlist with favorite songs in SplitCam and play or broadcast them separately from other sounds (from sound of video and mic)

· Triple audio stream. You can regulate sound and add audio effects separately for sound from video (when video file selected as source), for sound from your microphone, for sound of your audio file

· SplitCam audio controlling. You can connect with SplitCam to any audio source at your PC (mic, camera) and apply audio effects

· Separate control of audio for PiP (picture in picture) mode and main window

· Fixed bugs with video and audio recording

· Optimized face detection

· Optimized using of PC resources (memory and processor)

What to do if you have problems with Skype working with SplitCam webcam software? This video is for you. Few easy steps and problem solved!

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