1. Updated all SplitCam libraries by using new developer environment.
2. Updated graphics library.
3. Restored broadcast.
4. Access to IP Split Camera only via SplitCam.
5. Added the parameter Quality for the Record operation.
6. Added description of video record in Help.
7. Added info about OS version to the log.
8. Tested with the MS Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 version.
9. Restored the Audio tracks selecting for the new codec.
10. Updated broadcast.
11. Removed the Wide/Square pixel options.
12. Changing the virtual SplitCam driver name in the Options.

1. Leak memory on exit.
2. Crash on Audio effects for webcam.
3. Failed serialize for Audio effects.
4. The record error: Cannot init Audio and Video grabbers.
5. The broadcast error: Problems with Audio/Video Grabbers for Broadcast.
6. No sound for DTS audio.
7. Audio delay for mono sound.
8. Did not connect some MP3 files.

1. Added SplitCam Video Driver for MS Windows 10 .
2. Added SplitCam Audio Driver for MS Windows 10.
3. Codec’s update.

1. Incorrected log for the Desktop custom
2. In MS Windows 10 the programs didn’t detect SplitCam Video Driver.
3. The sound lagging in MS Windows 10 1703.
4. At the start was crash if to select the video source.

1. New internal codec.
2. Broadcast(live stream) for
3. Broadcast for
4. Added the Paste button to the Broadcast control.
5. In Help added details for Broadcast for each TV server.
6. New scrolling control for the Effects.
7. Sound optimization in the Audio mixer.
8. Added the option Show start info.
9. Optimization for record finish.

1. DirectShow::GetListResolutions Рm_pCaptureBuilder->FindInterface() error Рhr=0x80004003 m_pSrcFilter=0x0  m_pAMStreamConfig=0x0
2. Did not work the log for switch of Video Source.
3. Failed to load ffmpeg.dll.
4. Crash after play of video without an audio track.
5. Broadcast bug: Error while decoding stream #0:0
6. Recording bug: Error while opening encoder for output stream.
7. Output corrupted frames for 512×384 resolution.

New features:
1. Timeout optimization  for IP Split Camera.
2. Restored broadcast to
3. Removed a broadcast for
4. MFC links via default browser.

Fixed bugs:
1. Uncorrected transformation of images with non-standard resolutions.
2. Maximal resolution for splitting was 2048×1944.
3. Issues after set of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 1607:
– Did not work SplitCam Video Driver in Skype, MFC client, Adobe Flash and so on.
– Slow show of video clips.
– Webcam connected only to one app.
4. IP Split Camera hanged up after entry of an incorrect URL.
5. Broadcast Message “No any server for”

New features:
1. Full compatibility with MS Windows 10.
2. Decreased time for AD load.
3. Corrected SplitCam Menu.
4. Corrected Help.
5. Added dual signing for SplitCam files.

Fixed bugs:
1. Did not show the video source info¬† for the video source 512×384.
2. The bug: “Not enough memory for Video Capture, close unwanted apps”.
3. Low resolution of webcam after SplitCam installation.
4. The bug: “Cannot change media format: 0x80004005.”
5. Hang by start for HP HD Camera.
6. Did not work Play/Pause button for HP cam.
7. Incorrect transformation of resolutions: 848×480 to 640×480

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