SplitCam is available for download.


New features and improvements:

1. Different video resolutions (including HD): go to Options and select needed resolution. In one of the next posts we’ll describe work with this feature.

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If you need send only part of your webcam video then SplitCam Zoom feature for you. For understanding how SplitCam Zoom feature works please follow next instructions.

1. Run SplitCam

SplitCam Main Window

2. Click in video area to activate Zoom feature.

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SplitCam – New features of your webcam

Many people remember times when a video phone was some kind of fantastic device from the future. However at nowadays you can make video calls from your computer anytime you want. For this you need only a webcam and internet connection. Almost all modern laptops have integrated webcam so laptop owners need only internet for video chatting. Dozens of present at the moment IM clients (Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, etc.) allow video calls. Users of such software number increases every day. So webcam video call is usual thing in modern life and you can surprise nobody with this. But… let’s try to do this. For this let’s look at the software named SplitCam. This free program extends your webcam features and can raise your and your friends spirits.

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Today we have great news! New version of SplitCam released!

You can download it from official site

SplitCam 5

SplitCam 5 improvements and new features:

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