Attention: All the instructions are actual for Windows Live Messenger 2011

1. Download and install Windows Live Messenger 2011.

2. Run SplitCam.

SplitCam Main Window

3. Open Windows Live Messenger and Login into your account.

WLM 2011 Login

4. In Windows Live Messenger click on your name and select Show the menu bar as shown on the image.

 WLM 2011 Menu Show

5. In Windows Live Messenger open menu Tools -> Audio and Video setup… as shown on the image. Click Next to skip Audio setup.

WLM 2011 Menu

6. Select “SplitCam Video Capture” in drop-down list as shown on the image. If you see video from SplitCam here then it works properly.

WLM 2011 Video Options

7. Enjoy! :-)

7 Responses to “How to connect SplitCam to Windows Live Messenger 2011 (MSN messenger)”

  1. its good but how i can remove the words on the video which write “”
    i want to remove it

    • Hello

      To remove text over video please click Show splitcam logo checkbox under play button.

  2. how to play videos on msn? i did everything u said but evertime when i send invitation it opens my webcam not the video i play

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